Hey.Café Documentation

Hey.Café Documentation

Hey.Café is a social network built around the idea of communities called cafés. It's built by the team at LAMMcs. This site is a help site with not only information but how to use and access our free and open API’s and services.

We have easy to use systems like easy to embed or load any user avatar with just the username or id. You can also load the raw JSON for any post/conversation easily, and our easy to use embeds.

Getting started

About Us

How does Hey.Café work




Session Types


Open source project credits

We use the following projects in our systems. As always everything mentioned we are self hosting on our own hardware and not loading from external sources. Nothing we use has or involves any tracking or analytics.


Free and Open Source Machine Translation API

Twemoji - Not Maintained (Abandoned)

Twitter’s open source emoji has you covered for all your project's emoji needs.