Text formatting and styles

GIF images

Tenor and Giphy links that end in .gif will auto convert to embedded GIF images. For example the following URLS would work.

(Tenor has a problem with most links to GIF files not rendering image media so this format is the only one that will work)

Text Formating


** Text here **


__ Text here __


Links don’t need any special format to link, but we also auto generate a preview of site contents like the page title, image and description. You can prevent this by putting ( link ) around the url with or without a space around the brackets.



With lists there must be a blank line after each item (excluding the last one) to match properly.

* Item

* Another Item

* Wait another?


*_ Text here _*

Quote text

|| Content here and it can be multi line! ||


## Content here ##

Sub Title

### Content here ###

Code block

`` Content here and it can be multi line! ``

Reveal / Spoilers block

Hides content unless a user clicks the button to show the content in question.

---- Content here and it can be multi line! ----


This type will ONLY work in conversations and comments, it will also cut off any text inside over 20 characters.

!_ Text here _!

User Mention


Café Mention


Render Functions

Uploaded File Location

Inside this block just replace the file name with a the name of one of the files you uploaded with your conversation to have it render in that location instead of at the bottom of the conversation.


Special Functions

Media Spoiler

Add this anywhere in your conversation or comment to tell the system to hide the previews for any attachments or images. This does not conflict with the Reveal / Spoilers block.