Importing your posts from Twitter

Alright so you want to make your tweets shared on Twitter auto share onto Hey.Café? Well good news, its really easy since we have a RSS feed import system.

The best way to get your RSS feed is the service rss.app as they give clean and good RSS feeds for just about any service. Once you get an account setup and enter in your twitter URL you will get a RSS feed URL. Just copy that URL and let’s continue.


So how to get your RSS feed added.


First go to settings, and tap on your account to get into your main account settings. Now just go to the bottom of the page to the RSS Imports section. Now just click on Create new RSS import rule and enter in the feed URL. Once it’s added you will see a preview of your RSS feed.

Once you have this preview it will not be active by default, and thats good as we need to make one quick change.

One quick change before you turn on

You need to change the template, and this is the template you should use for Twitter. You see if you don’t use this rule any retweets get shared as if you are the original creator, so we want to check if the Tweet url is to your own profile first, if not we want to only share a link to the tweet so the original content and attribution will generate. Just copy this template and change justanthonylee to your own Twitter username.

[description] [linkonly:if:not:justanthonylee]