A roadmap is usually used to list out features coming to each release of a product, we don’t do version releases and just make stuff live when they are ready, but we want to kinda have a plan going forward. This feature list may not be in any specific order, and things are not 100% going to be done but they are features we think we need.

Not started

Edit history using the files system Feature

It does not allow you to delete the files once they are made… Maybe one large file that gets updated or smaller files shown in a list based on creation date (best but more files in storage).

Move a conversation from between any Café or remove from Café Feature
Stats like views and more for conversation creators Feature

API pulls direct external vs internal, and times shown in a feed again with both separations.

See account notifications count in the account switcher Feature
New verification system Feature

Option for users to submit real details only admins can see (not on profile) used for verification.

New scriptable system allowing you to do actions on other actions automatically Feature

Would be like:

trigger: reaction on conversation
result: send webhook to url with the conversation data

trigger: receve webhook
result: create new conversation

In progress

Draft conversations Feature

Will only show to the creator until done, can do all media attachments and more before you make it live.

Posts that can be set for a future release Feature

Just set a date and it will go live but the feeds won’t show it until the date has passed aka the time posted date is not in the negative anymore.

Mute words, cafes and accounts Feature

This will be done server side so it will result in account notifications being not created from people that are muted, and on that note anyone who is muted wont be able to comment on that persons content, it will just result in a we are unable to create this comment or reaction.

Ready for release


If you edit a conversation it wipes ALL reactions from it Feature
Message system Feature

Maybe with email address that allows incoming messages only from external apps, but also apps can use the API to send messages between users.

Setting to hide suggestions in the menus UI
Dark and light mode toggle UI
Brand new avatars and banner images for accounts and cafés UI
Swipe to go backwards UI
See suggested cafés on the right hand menu UI
View follows in notifications breakdown Feature
Email updates support for the new headers UI
Left menu links highlighted if you are on that page UI
Website meta data loading now will try again after a few seconds if it fails Bug Fixes
Tab over between conversation elements including actions Accessibility
Conversation inputs allow you to change the café posted to any time Feature
Smaller screen improvements for mobile UI

Smaller width for content inline in dark mode (as it can be closer to edge to edge without funky UI stuff).

Follow buttons without needing to go to a profile to follow for explore & more UI
Share button for external use to use the title system or first line as content UI
New suggested accounts and cafés based on the people you currently follow Feature
Show recent pin on the top of a users profile feed UI
Locked posts Security & Privacy
Hide from explore option to Cafés settings Feature
Multi user switcher Feature
New debug menu that can be accessed by pressing esc
Cafés are now free to create and anyone can make them
Tooltips hide on click, scroll so they don’t stick on mobile and more
Larger bio with the addition of the About field

Allowing for larger amounts of content, links and more all able to render in place. It will also be used for the About page on the blogging platform. It wont show under the main account data in the API and will require a separate API call to fetch its content. It can be fully separate from the bio content.