RSS import rules and variables

RSS import allows you to link a RSS feed and we will auto post any new items in this feed to your account or to any Café you pick if you have access.

To setup visit settings and at the bottom of your account settings create a new RSS import rule. Once you make this rule before you turn it on make any changes to the posting layout you want. Keep in mind we cut the size of the post down to match what your account is allowed to share, so if the link is important and the description tags can be longer chose to use title and the link, or just the link or it might get cut off during auto share.


If content for a variable cant be found it will not be included, image is not always consistent across feeds and should only really be used if it will work for your use.

Article title


Article description


Article link


Article image

Image is only linked, not uploaded with this, that means that if the image url does not end in .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, or .png the image will not render and instead will try and do a website preview.


Special Rules

Special rules can be added within your format. If you use rss.app for say importing Twitter tweets use the share link if does not contain string, just replace the last value with your Twitter username. That way retweets and shares work properly.

Only share link if it contains string

[description] [linkonly:if:benjancewicz]

Only share link if it does NOT contain a string

[description] [linkonly:if:not:benjancewicz]